“It always ends this way.”

She says,

holding the shards and slivers.

She’s cut her hands again,


down to the bone.

Wounds that will heal,



“I guess that’s what I get

for touching things.”

She laughs,

despite the pain.

Blood stains her legs

and runs down to the floor.


Every action,

has and equal

and opposite


So, I can’t say she’s wrong.


She’s gonna do it again,

almost as soon as she’s able.

Stitches and bandages

are only gonna hold on

for so long

before she breaks them.


She just can’t help herself.

She wants to be held

and hold the whole world

 in return.

She’ll reach out again

and grip the Earth too tight,

and it’s gonna shatter

in her hands,

over and over again.



HG – 2020

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