Facing my Reflection


Wasted off another long gone yesterday.

The mirror can’t lie,

not as well as I can,

and my eyes adjust to the darkness

of a future sky,

never known,

worst fears actualized.


Something isn’t right.

Some critical failure

has been allowed to cause

cascading crashes in our mainframe.

Virus animated,

introduced organically,

diabolically manipulated

to obtain a pre-planned end state?

That’s the question.

The mirror offers no answers.


I used to curse the sky,

but now I rely on mankind

for disaster after disaster.

Orchestrating that dystopian register.

Turns out we all knew it was coming.

We used to think

we’d side with the Freedom Fighters,

but when we look around,

there’s few to call on.



I see plenty of cowards.

One stares at me from the mirror,

mocking accusingly.

Fuck him.

He never had the guts to do anything.

Steam covers up that old nemesis.



and shave,

then back to the parade.


Another fool

wasting his days,

while the whole circus is in flames.

What a fun game.

Revolution was never in my veins.

I think I was infected

at middle age,

or maybe,

we’re all born

on this stage

at the time our lines

are meant to be said.

Better speak mine

before I’m dead.


The man in the mirror

finally nods his head

and smiles at me.

First time

in a long while,


Got a date with destiny.

She’s hotter than a lit cigarette.

Turns up like a bad penny.

The end of me.

The end of my enemy.

Why do I subscribe to such insanity?

No one gets to be bored in 2020.



HG – 2020

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