Run out of time,

behind a fine line.

Out of my mind,

leave it behind.


I’m stepping out into the gale,

naked as the day I was born.

Cast aside my mantle frail,

betting on this fragile form.


Woke to the day,

made a new way.

I’m still afraid,

but I can’t stay.


There’s something out there calling me.

Somehow it knows my name.

So far away I cannot see,

but I will find it just the same.


Through the pain,

through the storm.

In the rain,

during war.


All these things and everything between.

Touching something with another sense.

Knowledge is beyond belief,

another side to consciousness.


Trust that I will

make it through this


final movement.


Because it’s coming for all of us in time.

We won’t stay the way we were before.

You’ve got a quantum computer in your mind.

You’re trapped in this world,

but perception is a door.


So, open it.



HG – 2020

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