Black Ribbon


This piece of black ribbon

marks the page,

keeps my place,

shows me where I am.

Such a little thing,

drawn out, inexplicably

to great consequences.


Snapping a change in perspective.

Not sure where I really am,

and then,

I see me

in strange clarity.


Never saw it all from here.

All of a sudden,


have drawn out

a new appreciation

for knowing where I am.


The conscious acknowledgement

of the past.

The, head up,

eyes forward,

view of the future,

and the ability to eschew

all of the turmoil,

and chaos,

and influence factors,


if only for a second.


This little piece of black ribbon

marks where I am today,

but tomorrow,

I will have moved on;

carried on

by time

and circumstance.


This temporary

moment of clarity

inures itself into my bones,

changes my life by degrees,

and calls me forward.


I just want to be alive.

Long gone are my dreams

of being identified.

Now, I’m a leaf on the wind,

a voice in the trees.

Not where I thought I’d be,

but here I am,

all the same.


Time to move

that little black ribbon

over to the next page.



HG – 2020

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