Big Sigh


Taking a deep breath,

holding it in for just a second.

I didn’t know

whether you’d laugh or cry.

In that one,

uncertain moment

I saw the fear in your eyes.


Long exhale;

just like you’ve been

underwater for a while.

Just a sigh,

and eyes skyward,

like you’re searching for your smile.


There used to be

days that we

would disappear for hours and hours,

but now, it seems

we’ve perfectly

ended up lost and never found.

You turn your head

and look around.

I am gone

for a little while.

Holding on by just your skin

to something so fragile.


Seeking strength

from those without,

you come up empty in your trials.

Another big inhale,

and I wonder if you’ll ever smile




HG – 2020

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