Between Awakenings


Closing my eyes,

listening to my skin,

feeling a vision

come over me.


Buried in these sensations

what once was pain

and endless uncertainty,

gets washed away

and I am floating





Always was a firm believer.

Not one to question,

until there was nothing left,

and all I had

were conundrums,

leading me in circles.


Couldn’t find the words

to fill the spaces

out in the world,






Like a dead weight

was lifted

off my shoulders.

Sanctuary here.

Never wanted more,

just some comfort.

Not the physical kind,

but the kind

that lets me know

that I’m alive.


The craziest thing

that I could believe

was truer

that any other.

It turns out

that I




Dawn breaks

and I break also.

Inside comes out

to greet the sun.

The hard shell

yielding its nectar.

The tree

springing from the seed.


It was

no longer

pursued, or persuaded.

No longer scared,

or ignorant.

It turns out

I matter.

I am




Like energy.



HG – 2020

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