Apocalypse Attracts


When did she decide to be

the harbinger of our destruction?

She came in as an agent of change,

the catalyst in our reaction.


We suffered the words and the blades,

that sought to drive us ever onward

towards what we thought would be

paradise, to all exclusion.


But, here we are

on the edge

of a holocaust.

I see her with her arms open wide,


welcoming me in

to the fire.


We never explained our motivations.

We just assumed the best in each other.

Like the current trusts the river

to take it to the ocean side.


I never expected this conclusion.

She was soft and calm of demeanor.

The only hint at this apocalypse

was the way she’d laugh

when we cried.


Her touch went

from cool and pleasant,

to burning off my skin.

I couldn’t claim

to love her any less;

smiling through the pain.


She stands

in the middle of the blast zone,

drawing me in

with her perfect smile.



HG – 2020

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