The Wall in the Garden


Your voice

speaks little to me.

What I hear,

is stifled

by this wall between us.

Once thin

as a bridal veil,



reinforced with steel.


We agreed that it

was best if we had

something between us,

to protect us

from each other.


Gone are the days

we grew up

in light and laughter.

Where was the danger then?

But everywhere,

in our deadly garden.


You made a crown of thorns,

and we laid down

in beds of Hemlock,

Belladonna on the breeze.

We ate the berries

and never sickened.


How far we have come,

to where our fear

condemns our virtues,

and if it were not for this wall,

I would hunt you down

and kill you.


Listening to you speak,

soft echoes,

barely a language

that I can understand,

knowing you plan my death also.



and sleep again.

Return back

to my simple sentry.

Waiting for the breach,

for our reunion

will be the stuff of legends.



HG – 2020

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