The Good Friend


I’m sorry,

but I let my mind wander

for a moment,

an hour,

a year.

Could I have passed though

a decade

without thought of you?

Center of my circle.

Once around me,

I dissuade

another from a constant folly.

Describing the day.


We were once

brilliant children,

made of light,

quick to smile.

Laughter was our native tongue.

What happened to us?

What crime did the world commit

to break us?

Shivering in the night

as I feel a ghostly presence,

walking on my future grave.

There is something wrong with time.

I am gone,

and you remain,

would be better than this present junction.


We both did our deals,

now only one of us is left to suffer.

How did

we let the world in

to divide us?

To destroy our ability

for seeing who we are?

No shared identity,

just that shining face again.

we use to take

ever easy escape,

until you tried to fade

one shade of darker grey.

I blacked out your name.

Did what I could to think

that it was going to be okay,

if I just walked away.


The boys we knew

would never waste their time.

They knew what was on the line.

I slipped away

for another moment,

another decade.

I’ve got my own debts to pay.

Why would the world

ever let us forget,

or move on,

even for just a moment?


is one very cruel thing,

in a world of very cruel things,

but we are only slaves

to ourselves

and our memories.



HG – 2020

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