The Road Outta Hell


Things get too hot,

gotta let ’em go.

Gotta pass ’em on,

kick ’em down the road.

Hot as Hell

to the touch,

can’t seem to keep ’em cold.

Try to hang on,

but no,

they’ll even burn your soul.


Tried to find my way

back home,

as a child on my own.

Lost my way

in a maze,

half the time

I’m amazed I’m whole.

With all the little

pieces of me

I’ve lost as I corrode.

Time to fix

the inner parts of me

that I have left exposed.


Can’t hang on

to the memories;

gotta let ’em go.

Can’t go on

making enemies

of everyone I know.

Life goes on

and It’s clarity

I find out on the road.

It’s too hot

in this wasteland,

I won’t make Hell my home.



HG – 2020

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