It comes on

savage, strong,

stripping everything,

leaving us

a pittance of desire.

Whatever we knew

before all this

will not matter after.


Pushing us off the edge.

Reality waiting below.

Are you ready

to test your wings

and climb,

or tumble back down,

crash on the bottom?


Death is a common thing,


the only thing

we all share,

but life lived

along the spectrum,

is only seen

when visible.

We cannot exist

in ways

we cannot see

from here.


Windows smashed

and now,

in comes the nature.

Tides rise

above those

fruitless walls.

Digging now,

inside you,

the embolism,

the demon,

and the frog.


We might resist.

We might stand.


on the edge,

we hope,

and we plan.

Spread those wings wide,

catch the gale,

and fly.

Not every way

is carved into the Earth,


are written in the sky.


More exists

than we can see.


in that we fail to notice.

The tragic climb

above the silt,

reveals the aftermath.


It comes on,


and without warning.

It changes everything

that comes after.

It will never be the same,

the whole world is changed.

That is why

I gave you wings.



HG – 2020

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