Truth Catcher


The truth,

is somewhere

between every lie.

I’ve been learning

to see behind,

listen in between,

fade into the scene,

break up my silhouette,

confuse my outline.


Stay silent if I can.

Listen hard,

pay attention,

as advised.

The truths is coming,

and it’s not going

to be nice.


Wisdom is a curse,

knowledge is a blade.

One cuts the throat

for crimes the other’s made.

Denial is a river of blood

that flows from that first day,

washing every hint

of doubt away.


Quiet and cautious.

Revealing nothing.

You can’t know me.

There is an enigma

in you,

the kind

that kills the heart.


I will be a stranger

and you will soon

get to know me

in ways you’d never wished to.

You’ll tell me everything

about you,

everything about me.


I will fade away,

in time.

Another shadow

in the darkness of your life.

I’m not trying to understand,

I just need to know

the truth about you,

the truth

of who you think I am.



I can


I can’t stay here

with you

and despair.

The words came harder

than I ever wanted from you.

I’ll fade away,

like smoke

in the afternoon,

escaping with the truth.



HG – 2020

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