Love in Black and White


It’s no secret

that I was afraid

to reach out

and touch you.

I knew in that moment

I would change.

Such a simple thing,

done in an instant.

Like autumn,

leaching the color from the sky,

exchanging pallets.


Comfort was only a thing

when I ignored the pallor,

resting in my skin.

Why does it cost me


to want to be with you?

Why do I value

anything at all?

Putting down the weight

of a new disorder.

Crying when I learn

what I’m tied to.


None of this makes sense,

but I think that’s normal.

None of this

was as it appeared.

I’m still alive,

feeding on my shadow.

Fill up

my cup

with all these tears.


Saying good-byes,

never what I savoured.

Wish I had the courage

to grow cold,

then I might be

with you

on a summer day,

as we watch the sky

grow old.


I want to reach out and touch you.



HG – 2020

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