Finding my joy

in the struggle

should get easier

as the time goes,

except you can drown

in shallow water,

and die

from a five foot fall.


Pushing all of this away,

I never asked

why we’re divided.

I just assumed

you didn’t want me,

hated who we were,

judged this life unworthy

in the eyes of time.


I could never explain

the changes

that came over me.

in an instant,

I knew I was different.

She changed the whole world

with just a whisper,

as if the air could not contain

the purity of her intent.


One day,

and then another.

I’ve got to stop

burning away

the edges of the sky.

To appease my past

I can’t sacrifice the future.

I’ll never fly,

until I learn to fall.



HG – 2020

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