Unfinished Business


I didn’t want,

but the more that it gave,

I caved.

I caught myself

and grew up fast,

but in my life

I left things undone.


Places I had driven past,

but never did the thing.

Unfinished business, I guess.

I’d give anything

not to have this life of regret.


I ask God,

if there’s time enough

to tie up my loose ends.

His only answer

is to how me the road,

it goes on,

until it ends.


It’s a one way ride

and I’m

on until I get off.

There’s no going back.


There’s a strong pull

to put it down

on the curves,

and in the dark,

so you gotta slow down,



Find a place to park,

and escape the madness.

Get some rest,

and let it pass you by.

The only way is forward,

leaving all that other shit behind.



HG – 2020

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