The Easiest Good-Bye


You and I

divide in two,

and I watch you


Our beautiful mitosis,

straining two beings

into what is,

and what never was.


Your reality was fading,

coming off on me,

and I stole away.

I never once said

that I was right,

only that I cared.

That was probably

my biggest mistake.


Handing you my noose

and my knife;


you’d cut me down.

What a thing

to agree to.

Should have known

you’d let me down,

lock me out.


Choking on the taste

of life in color.

Without you

and your kind darkness,

I think

this was the easiest good-bye

I ever said.


I gave you everything

you required

to make me a victim.

I realized,

almost too late,

that you were never in control.


Watching you sleep,

fading away,

an unrequited memory.

We took our leave,

we took our lives,

and made off into the night.


I don’t know

if you’ve seen the sun

rise up just like mine.

I’m alive;

that’s all I know.

I’m alive.



HG – 2020

3 thoughts on “The Easiest Good-Bye

  1. This is a very interesting read my friend. I find myself wanting to know more about what happened. It certainly evokes emotions in me. Nicely done. Have an amazing weekend. Love ❤️ Joni

    1. I’m not sure that it is a reflection of a specific moment, rather than a memory of an emotion, felt through the course of a lifetime relationships. Relationships are one of the few things we all have on common, so sometimes I find it better to try to capture a lingering emotion, or a sensation, rather than a direct experience. Thank you, as always.

      1. I understand and that makes total sense my friend. Well it was beautifully written my friend. Have a wonderful weekend. Love ❤️ Joni

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