Message Lost


I forgot the words

to all my promises,

and all my apologies.


Prayers left my lips,

but I couldn’t say

what language they were in.

Everything I said

didn’t really matter



When you turned

your face away,

I knew I was speaking words

that would never be heard.


I cast this bottle away,

it held all my hope,

where it used to hold despair.

Words scrawled out onto a page

and rolled up inside.

Thrown from the ocean side.


I hope this message finds you,

wherever you are.

I hope that you can read it,

not sure that I’ve made any sense

so far.


I’m just trying to tell you,

trying to show you,

who I am.

Maybe I’m wrong about you.

Maybe you’re wrong about me.

The way you are.

The way I am.

I’m trying the best I can.



HG – 2020

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