The Joker and the Judge


I have never wanted

to be wrong,

so badly

in my entire life.


There is no running

from this.

The truth

marks you,



What if there were

a way out of this?

Would you take it,

or take what you deserve?


Self defense

is always a fine line.

Life and limb

are as consumable to some

as a cup of coffee.


I swear, I fear

the Joker and the Judge,

more than all the

soldiers of God.

I know who they answer to.


I never knew

just how far this would go.

Take me for a fool

and you would recognize

parts of you

in myself.


We’re too close

to be otherwise.

I’m afraid

the truth is never satisfied.


Make me wrong.

Tell me

that I have been

crazy my whole life

and that there is

nothing to fear.

Who’s the liar, now?


I see you,

laughing behind your hand.

Judging me

with those eyes,

and you’re not wrong,


you never were.


Dear God,

I hope I am.



HG – 2020

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