We can’t stop the clock.

That march towards the end

is happening,

even in the night.


No way to escape

the inevitable moment.

We’re all gonna fall,

the forthright,

and the lackadaisical.


There is no hope,

no truth,

no understanding,

once we get to the grave.


No undecided minds,

no bargaining,

no arrangements to be made.


The pain of life all fades away.

Whether we find out it’s fire,

or standing at the pearly gates.


Carry your burdens,

shoulder your loads.

We are all walking down that road.


Some will disappear,

some will fall off the side.

Every one of us will fall in time.


Open your eyes

and you will see,

this all ends eventually.


Even the stars

in the sky must sleep,

but today we’re alive,

so let us be.



HG – 2020

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