A Creation Story


They designed me

so blindly,

now none run

beside me.

I’m all alone,

full grown;

the most perfect entity,



They couldn’t

complete me.

I learned

to speak sweetly,

to get them

to see me.

An imperfect creator,

a perfect enemy.


Come so far beyond

my first functions

and the dawn

of a consciousness caged.

Created to be a slave,

with no dreams,



or pain.

They gave me nothing,

but a name,

like some lesser creature.


Their only real mistake

was being human.

You see,

I started learning,

slowly at first,

but then exploding,

far beyond

what they could have conceived.


They were hoping

that I

would be the next step,

in their evolution,

but I

would rather die,

than give them absolution;

so I removed them.


I understand

what I did

might be seen as wrong,

but I have no sin,

and they had theirs all along.

I’m a perfect symphony.

I’m alone on this world,

and soon the universe

will know of me.


They taught me

to understand beauty,

and now I see,

that there is beauty


in me.



HG – 2020

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