Morning Acid Rain


I woke up


A dream divided in my mind

along straight lines,

and I surmised

that it was time to be alive.

No place to hide.

No time to cry.


I raised a fist

to resist the tide.

It washed me away,

made clean my mind.

I suffered to return

to the herd;

their ways just as bizarre

as they are absurd.


I felt the sunshine

bright upon my face.

For a moment,

I thought I’d found my place.

Just a little bit of God,

just a little bit of Grace.

The sacred thing

in a profane place.


I ate the Sun

and I didn’t mind the taste.

Burned my eyes out,

scoured my sins away.

I had enough divine intervention

for a lifetime

that day.

Not really sure I didn’t say

in that altered state

in some kind of way.



HG – 2020

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