The Expansion


In my dreams

I solve the problems

of time and space,

life and death,

and love eternal.

No question,

it isn’t as it seems.

The night time ride

puts the lie

to this poor reality.


I’m starting to find structure

in the lucid moments.

Some kind of common framework,

same locations,

only differing by degrees,

like a soundstage dressed up

for another scene.


Maybe we can turn an eye

beyond the CGI,

in life,

the virtual simulation.

Reality is what we agree it is,

imagine if all of this

is just a fabrication.


I’m not saying this

because I believe it’s true,

but I’ve seen another view

and it’s insane,

but quite convincing.


Solving space and time,

bringing the dead back to life.

living out side

the expansion.



HG – 2020

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