Prayer for a Smile


She moves

slower than she used to,

and she can’t work as hard

as she has her whole life.

Maybe she gets tired

just a little faster,

and maybe she ends her day

with a little wine.


Time goes on,

and she just keeps on going.

Day to day,

an hour at a time.

So many folks

that meant

the most to her

are already gone from this life.


But she still smiles

at the flowers

in her garden.

She still smiles

when her kids stop by.

She still smiles

at the sunshine

in the morning,

and the rain,

and the snow

comes in time;

and she still smiles.


She helps everyone

and asks the world for nothing,

except that maybe folks would know

a little less pain.

Her whole life has been spent

helping others,

and when hard times come her way,

she don’t complain.


Now she’s done

with all the work

and all the hardships.

I pray to God

she gets to live her days in peace,

and leave all of the sadness

and the sorrow

in the past

and live her life

just how she’d please.


I want her to smile.



HG – 2020

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