A Secure Connection



and I spend the day

untying myself

from you

and every little thing

you hooked me to.



used to be

a means to our


now it’s nowhere near

the aid that it once was;

now it’s poison.



and try to unwind

the wires and the tendrils

that wind their way around me,

into me,

and seek to take me over.


It used to be

not such a bad thing

to be assimilated,

but now we get homogenized,


and drug off to slaughter.


Picking my way out of this



is torturous

and dangerous.


Shows how desperate

and deliberate

our connections have become.

Free myself

at any cost,

even as far as dying.

Living in this world

isn’t life;

at least,

not as I remember it.


Wander back

to my little safety.

In the evening,

I am broken.

Pulled so many wires

from my flesh,

I am perforated.


Spend a moment

blissfully free

from the creeping cables,

before I plug in

to the life I chose;

my perfect simulation.


It used to be easy to stay clean,

now we pick our poison.

The day is past

where we can just exist.

We’re part of the program.

It needs us,

but we will never need it.


The most important links

are in  the eyes.

The heart should be wireless.



HG – 2020

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