From a Coma


Watching you,

but not questioning,

only seeing,


pleading with my eyes


yours will open.


You’ve been down so long,

I was just a boy,

and if you woke up


there would be

a man before you.


Struggle up

from your slumber

and hear the rumble.

The Earth complains,

and the sky

curses with thunder.


I’ve been watching you


for so long

my bones are showing.

Won’t you wake up

and come

save your loved ones,

and kill the questioners.


Never asked you

for much, but I’m asking now.

My time’s up.

Been watching you,

won’t you wake up?


Come get your son,

and your daughter,

before the world ends.

Come save us,

before we are all

consumed in ashes.


Break through the coma,

the comfort,

the unconsciousness of feeling.

Awake and join us

in our ultimate revealing.


Shake off

the scales

from your eyes,



come save

your family.


They have been watching,

and dying

ever since

you left them.

It’s time to wake up,


It’ll be upon us soon.



HG – 2020

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