The Directive


You have to live,

because you’re gonna die.

No accidental day,

it’s certain as the sky.

We blow out our brains,

we fucking lose our minds.

Experience decay,

or transcendental times.



and time is just

a measurement.

‘Til I am dust,

a timeless state.

I find this grace

facing the day,

I may step over the line.


I have to live,

’cause I’m gonna die.

This world is just a state,

to all the rest we’re blind.

Deny the common place

and join the big outside.

There’s so much to explain,

but we don’t have the time.


Get in there

and save yourself.

Quit digging that hole.

Quit telling that lie that you sell.

You won’t convince anyone else

to believe in a being

that’s just

living to kill itself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

You have to live.                                                                                                             



HG – 2020

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