Perceiving Motion


This is not

what I thought it was

when I started.


This is something else.


Good or ill,

or past the point

of judgement.


This must be why

they leave the best parts

of the story

for the end.


We all unfold

revealing complexity.


Layer by layer.

Deeper and deeper.

This all becomes

a bigger picture.

Infinite in scope

and detail.


What it was

from far away,

changes as we close our gaze.

The distance,

just an inch

over the years.


The insurmountable,

the hurdle,

chasms seemingly


all seem so small,

their challenge humbled.


Everything disappears.


What am I becoming, now?

Barely even recognize myself.


Lost some friends

and demons quit my side,

but I’ve found new ones

in the by and by.


Maybe I’m the same,

and the whole world is mad?

Maybe it’s just my eyes

and the mind behind

that have grown

in how they see the land,

the sky,

and the sea.


This is not who I was

when I began;

is this still

the same reality?


Am I still me?



HG – 2020

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