The Crash


Stop without a moment’s notice.

Still moving inside the vessel.

A sure fire injury.

No taking it back, now.

The words are out of your mouth.


leads to truth instead of valor.


We’ve walked away

from worse wrecks than this,

but this is the one

that’s gonna leave scars.


Deep seeded,

long term damage,

and we’re never gonna heal.


Nothing’s ever gonna be the same.


We survived anger,


and torture.

We survived earthquakes,


and that day in September,

but now,

here we are

facing each other

in what feels like

our last real conversation.


I used to love you.

You used to love me.

I’d wrap my arms around you.

You’d wrap your legs around me,

and together we could break gravity,

but the force of this

is more than we have ever seen.


We crash,

and shattered glass

goes everywhere.

Bones break under the stress

and there’s blood in your hair.


I reach out to touch you

and my heart leaps

when I find you there,

still breathing.


We might still survive this,

even with no help on the way.

They’re gonna find us


and not dead,



We pull each other

out of the wreckage

and in the flames

I see your face,

and you’re beautiful.


I still love you,

and you still love me.

I embrace you,

and you kiss me.


We walk back up to the road,

suffering our injuries,

but we’ll survive

yet another tragedy.


We’re not alone,

as long as we’re alive.

We will survive.



HG – 2020

2 thoughts on “The Crash

  1. I love this one Hokus. Most couples have to survive a lot of crashes to get it right, but then the right person comes along and it works. Lovely piece, very hopeful. Something useful right now for sure, we all need to hang on to hope, like the couple in this work. Have a blessed weekend, sending love to you and yours my friend. Joni

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