Tumbling out of sync,

out of reach

out of orbit with you.

Wildly out on my own trajectory.

Wherever I go,

wherever I end up,

is my destiny.

On to another unknown,

I go alone,

such as it has always been.


I see time and space

pass by me.

I reach out

for something to guide me.

Free from everything behind me.

Broken gravity

and animosity.


Always a chance

that I’ll collide with another,

or get pulled

into some star’s proximity.

Use it as a means

to throw me further

into this ever unfolding reality.


Searching for home,

some sign of familiarity.

I’ll know it

when I see it;

the missing parts of me.


Tumbling out of synch,

out of reach,

out of time.

Will you wait for me

until I’m

done wandering?



HG – 2020

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