Our Something Between


It’s coming on tonight.

Let’s let it take us down.

No reason we should fight.

No expectation,

let’s let it roll over us, now.


We let our hearts starve

while we worked our lives away.

Never gave a moment

to think why we felt this way.

Divided by every knife

and burned in a structure fire.


Our something between us,

leaves us

cold and empty

while we’re

out here,

on the wire.


Lost in space,

tossed away,

washed further from the shore.

I call your name

and I can barely hear you

calling me through the storm.

We gave our lives away

to each other,

before this constant war.


Struggling through this


just to hold you once again.

Tears cut through the laughter,

knowing we did not give in.

Reality is a monster

and possibility its twin.


Holding on together,

through the end of all of this.

Let’s give in

to each other

and to the world resist.

We might survive together,

alone we don’t exist.



HG – 2020

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