Identifying the Enemy


How do I describe

my perfect enemy?

Oh, so close to me.

Almost my identity.

Same face,

same words.

It’s the eyes that give it away.

Almost Identical,

except one of us is wrong.


I am not a mirror.

Images of you stay on my mind,

when I am planning to do

those things you hate.

A monster I must be.

I have to ask;

is that what you truly believe?


So much the same,

I think we’ve been

led astray.

Someone wants

my perfect enemy

to be just like me.


A divided house

won’t stand the storm.

Brother against brother,

turn on one another,

make you think the other

is the one

banging the drum

for war.


There is still time

to pull back.

I see my adversary

ready to attack.

I’m in my defensive stance.

I pray he doesn’t know

it’s all an act.


Because this

enemy of mine

is one I recognize,

and in their eyes

I see

they’re just as scared as I.


Goaded and confused.

A war is fought

between the two of us,

and catches on

like a wildfire,

that we never started.

I think we’re being used.



HG – 2020

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