Pieces of me break away

and drift off,

like dandelion in the sunlight.

Hit this hard,

shattering my shell,

the corrosion layer,

built up in my course.


Never gave a thought

to how much I needed

the impact,

and I reverberate

like a gong

in the late summer.


“Cast away that which hinders you.”

The old wisdom still holds,

and that layer

of sickness,

which became armor,

is now gone.


I feel the cool breeze on my skin,

and the kiss of the afternoon.

For the first time

in a long time,

I am vulnerable

and I feel so light.


It’s gonna take some time to heal.

No one gets hit

so hard that they shatter,

and don’t carry that around

for a while.

But the days will get easier,

than if I were still covered

in all the scabs and scale

that I was before.


Will it grow back?

No, not as it was.

The armor I put on now,

I can put on by choice.

I will learn a better way

and do differently

than I have until now.

My future deserves that much.


Afternoon turns to evening,

and I sit here on my porch,

still watching the wind

take little parts of me.

It’s too late, now

to regret,

so why bother?


I’ve made so many mistakes,

and I’m gonna make some more,

but this time,

I won’t have to wear them

like armor.



HG – 2020

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