War World


What fire

sparked the stars?

Each and every

churning nuclear furnace,

pulverizing matter

into energy,

and fuelling the chaos

of a maelstrom galaxy.


Billions more than billions.

More than we can ever comprehend.

A scale of raw violence,

tearing and devouring,

that dwarfs our biggest ambitions,

an beggars the brightest minds.


The universe

is a serial killer.

It’s reach is unknown,

its body count untallied,

but even we,

the puny inhabitants

of some backwater rock,

in a no-name galaxy,

know this to be a fact.


The cosmos

is a warzone.



on our pale, blue ark,

we somehow seek

to bring down

the violence of the universe

on ourselves,

as if we actually could conceive

of the true reach of chaos,

and the terrible impact

of destruction.


We know nothing of fire,

or pressure,

or hunger,

or absence,

but we invite in

these war-bitten strangers

in hopes that they

will serve our own purpose.

As if the rules that charge the universe

would bow

to such finite demi-beings as us.


We light the match,

we pull the trigger,

we drop the bomb,

and unleash fury which we cannot reign in.

The spark that lit the stars

escapes us,

devouring us

in our own

utter collapse.



HG – 2020

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