Moving Day

Drawing a line

in the sand

that says,

“This far and no further.”

Taking my little life

back from this hollow substitute.

I tried running away,

but the highway

would not let me by.

I tried escaping on the ocean,

but the waves pushed me back to shore.


Drawing a line

on your body;

I thought I could care.

I asked angels and demons

to help me,

but no one answered.

It turns out

even the Devil

is busy on moving day.

I’m all in on this one.


but somehow I’ll make it.


Tracing a line on the page

with my finger.

Trying to use the words.

I used to feel so much,

but now,

I’m just tired.

I don’t even have the will

to hate those I’m supposed to.

It’s all so boring to me.

Guess I’ll draw another straw,

and see if I can get the short one

this time.



HG – 2020

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