Losing Light

Trust me

this one,

last time.

I’ve made

all the mistakes

that I know.

Stand by me,

don’t leave

me alone.

I’ve learned

the lessons.

I know them

in my bones.

I’ve become

a stranger

in my

own home.

I’ve done

so much wrong,

but I

can’t condone

the things

I see

have grown.


Trust me

this one last time.

I’ve come back

to make

it right.

I’ve done

enough wrong

to keep

me up

at night.

So, believe me

when I say

that we

are losing

the light.

I’ve learned

that sometimes

you have

to fight.

So, trust me

this one

last time.


I won’t leave

until I’ve

laid down

my life.

I’m not

the best,

but I’m not

the worst

by far.

I’ve learned

from every

one of

all my scars.

And I

might have

a few things

in mind.

Just trust me

this one

last time.



HG – 2020

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