Digging In

I’ve been digging in.

Down in the dirt again.

Hoping to find my

courage and confidence.


So low,

and so afraid.

Watching the darkness

come my way.


I should have been prepared,

but I’m so scared,

and I’m

already ready to die.


Got to keep

digging this hole.

If I can’t find myself,

get control,

then at least I’ve made

a place for me to hide.


Turns out,

this hole is a grave,

and  the name

on it is mine.


So now I,

guess I’ve gone

and struck a nerve

deep in myself.


Got to climb up

and find my

sense of purpose.


I’m not going

to dig in and hide.

I’m not going

to lay down and die.


I’m not out of the fight.

It’s just so easy

to let the fear

take your mind;

and keep digging.



HG – 2020

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