A Memory in Skin

Trying to tune in,

because I know you’re out there.

Seeking you

on every level.

No contact.

No sign.

I begin to wonder

if I imagined you,

all those years ago.


I am only one.

A memory in skin.

Presently in short supply,

I’m not sure that I exist.

Scanning across the dial,

hoping to see in any spectrum.

How crazy were our denials,

when it all

seems so obvious,



Was there ever any question?

Or were we being strung along?

I stop between the stations,

hoping your train will come along.

I am left waiting,


if this static that I hear

is all there ever was

and the music

was all in here?


Waiting for you

to reply.

Scanning the cosmos,

searching my mind.

I’m a little afraid

of what I’ll find.

Do you speak to me,

or are you just

a memory of mine?



HG – 2020

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