The Mountains

We blew holes in the mountains,

made our homes in the mountains,

we carved roads through the mountains,

so that we could reach the sea.

We climbed high into the mountains,

lived our whole lives in the mountains,

and I’ll die in the mountains,

that’s where The Lord will find me.


Yeah, I dwelt on the prairie,

high up in the cold,

and I’ve lived through the cities,

like gems in the world.

I’ve roamed across oceans,

and flown through the sky,

but when my time is done counting,

in the mountains I’ll die.


We were raised in the mountains,

and we played in the mountains.

you’ll find my grave in the mountains,

because there is my home.

I felt love in the mountains,

like a drug in the mountains,

and up above those mountains

is where I will go.


There’s no place I’d rather lay,

than there in those mountains

when it comes my day.

Where the earth meets the sky,

where the sea meets the stone,

here in the mountains

is where I call home.



HG – 2020

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