Day Fade

How quickly the light changes

from the East to the West,

drawing with it

ghosts and premonitions

of things gone,

and those to happen yet.


I see you smiling,

eyes shining,


then gone.

Just a memory,

I see,

and then I must move on.


In the space of moments,

your smile becomes a frown.

Eyes cast down,

this is how it is, now.

The grim parade of time

marches on,

until everything in the world

is gone.


I went back home

for a while

to escape the race.

I hoped to see

some familiar face,

but everything had changed,

it was the same place,

but I perceived it differently.

I guess the change

was in me.


Is it the world,

or only how we perceive?

So much has come and gone,

it gets hard to know

what to believe.

I’d rather listen

to the wind,

and the birds in the trees,

than all these voices

calling out,

claiming they won’t be deceived.


Something’s coming;

and I don’t think

anyone’s gonna argue that.

The light changes,

and the whole world goes black.

The night comes,

but dawn will rise in the East.

Maybe we need the light to change,

so we can see.



HG – 2020

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