Avoiding the Inevitable

It all comes down.


we don’t run.

We stay in place,

planted where we stopped.

Our eyes turned to the sky,

but we no longer grow.

I’ll find a different way,

I will,

I promise.


Avoiding the inevitable,

is just a trick of time,

some sleight of hand,

a grifter’s signature.

I stayed up all night,

by the light of a gas lamp,

trying in vain

to trick the cosmos.


I only ever tricked myself.

Never fooled you;

you saw right through me.

It all comes down,

like Rome in summertime.

Now winter is coming,

and we are desolate.


I lied to time,

and now,

time comes counting.

Every day,

accounting for every hour.

I can’t hide

in the dark,

quite like I used to.

It’s all come down to this,

I’m afraid.



HG – 2020

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