Simple Things

Simple things

set in concrete.

A broken tile mosaic.

One I never beheld

in its full beauty

until I had ascended.


I used to think

that it was going to get easier,

the higher I climbed.

The foolish dreams of youth.

The visions of the blind.

We have it all figured out.

It never enters our minds

that we’re

out here

on the edge of forever,

leaving everything we need



No matter how far

the time comes,

I’ve never needed

more that I had.

As a young boy,

full of promise,

and all this life ahead.

The simple things

are permanent,

not easily set aside.

They stand the change of favor.

They stand the test of time.


Slipping easily from our fingers.

Slipping right out of our minds.

Simple things are permanent,

and determine all our lives.



HG – 2020

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