Cynical Darling

Why so cynical, Darling?

Hiding that smile of yours.

Lies in this world

seem to wound more

than bullets and swords.


Did someone you love betray you?

Coloring your look on the world?

With a bleak derision,

making every decision

between the bad

and the worse.


Dull and disheartened,

you’re back where you started

and too scared to start again.

Just waste,

and be wasted,

a future erased,

is better

than living

in the places you’ve been.


Open your eyes,

you will see that the sky

is still

blue as it was.

All this hate you’ve created,

the grave that you’re craving

is just waiting for blood.


Why so cynical, Darling?

What have you lost

you can’t find?

Keep searching

the outer reaches,

because just sitting here

is leaving you behind.



HG – 2020

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