Tide & Torrent

In the air

and the airing out,

you can feel the change.

Know it,

and its simple ways,


as tide and torrent.


You were standing in the rain,

under the light of a lonely lamp,

and I wondered briefly

if you knew what was coming;

and then it hit you,

like a speeding train.

You never stood a chance.


We all know

we have a chance to look

up from our obsessions;

plastic portals into oblivion,

but we rather see the world

the way we want it to be,

even when our ideas aren’t our own,

even when it’s so destructive.


And then there’s the wave,

and the tide,

and the torrent.

Change is always coming soon.

You can look up

in time

to embrace it,

or wait until it mows you down.


You cannot resist.

You won’t stand a chance.

You never did.



HG – 2020

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