Shadow Puppet

This is how it has always been,

a cynical

life of conflict.


Longing for more

than I’ve ever known,

without disregarding

the parable.


Trapped inside my tiny prison,

eating craps of my regret.

Sometimes someone shines a light in,

and frightens me with my own shadow.


This is how it has always been,

but I swear to God,

I have imagined more.


Spitting blood

and broken teeth,

didn’t have to be

my graduation.


Never was

and never will be.


I asked myself,

“Do you really want to change?”

and the laughter I heard

was my own,

echoed by the Devil on my shoulder.


This is high stakes shit;


or my eternal soul.

How does a man

free himself

from the only life

he’s ever known?


Constantly in contradiction,

with right and wrong,

fast and slow.

Never chose a side,

picked a direction;

always scared of my own shadow.


Holding up a hand

to block the light,

I guess it isn’t all that bright.

Maybe the dark

is not so deep.

It turns out,

you have to open your eyes to see.


This is how it has always been,

seeing all the same signs again.

Truth is,

it’s time to decide,

do I have it in me

to fight

one last time?



HG – 2020

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