Rise and Die

How do I just

give in?

Born into this


Critical time

to be alive.

It’s obvious

to me,

I’ve missed

something here.


Another day,

another dollar.

One more

lost hope;

it doesn’t matter.

Been fighting the tide

for so long,

it might be nice

to just

float along,

and be gone.


Wake me up early.

Lay be down late.

I just want

to watch the Sun

rise and die

in this space.


Maybe it’s time

to start over.

Maybe it’s time

to move on.

Maybe it’s not me,

and the world

has been wrong

all along.


Hard to put

into words,

the way the day

feels to me.

Born to fight,

but I’m tired,

and sometimes

I can’t see.



or victory,

or just an empty

blue sky

above me?



HG – 2020

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