Wolf Brother


Why did you bring me here,

my long lost

Wolf Brother?

I heard your howl

and split the misty veil,

to walk amongst

the sentinels

that stood for our ancestors.


I could feel

that the old enchantments

still held their way.

There was fear,

but it was a new fear;

as if the Dragon may be gone

from its lair;


but no longer guarding its horde.

We are free, now,

but we know to move cautiously.


Tell me, Brother;

does the clean rain

still fall here?

And wipe away

the dirt,

and mud,

and blood?

Do the big herds still roam,

just waiting for the hunt?

Do the trees still sing

in the wind?


Oh, Brother;

I have been long gone.

Stolen far away

by tricks and triumphs.

Now, I have come back,

however briefly,

but I see now

where my soul

still resides.


In the wet morning grass,

of a mountain meadow.

In the deep, cold water

of a glacier lake.

In the stone,

stretching upwards;

challenging the stars.

And bedded down

upon the soft forest floor.


Thank you,

my long lost, Wolf Brother,

for watching over my home

all of these years.

I must go,

but when I return

they will bury my bones

under the Rockies.



DR – 2020

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