Holding a Serpent


I’m finding it hard

to get a grip on it.

This thing in front of me.

Feel like I’ll let it slip,

but I’ve been riding this coiling serpent

for so long,

without falling off,

it must go on forever.


There are those

that claim they know,

and for a price,

they will tell you.


Some are liars,

some are just convinced

that their eyes have beheld promise.

Their hands have touched it,

and their minds understood it;

even though,

we all know

that that is very likely



I’m hanging on, here.

I think this serpent

has become a dragon.

I’m not afraid, anymore,

just looking for a way

to kill time.


Still trying to figure it out.

I find purchase

between the thick scales.

When I touch the soft underside,

I realize,


that I can kill it

if I want to,

but I think that I

have learned

to love the ride.


I don’t know what I’m doing.

Fact is,

I’m still barely holding on,

but I have seen so many fall

that I know

I’m doing better than most.


Riding spirals

up into the air.

Diving down,

to skirt above the waters.

Ride this until the end,

and wonder what it will become

when it’s all over.



HG – 2020

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