Mountain Opus


There is a song

in the mountains

it is whispered

on the wind,

and the trees

keep the melody

to the rhythm

of the stones.

The air is clean,

and the water clear,

and it is here

that I call “Home”.


I never knew the beauty

that I’d miss,

until I set out on the road.

Country after country,

city after city,

and of beauty,

I saw plenty,

but not enough to take me.

So, I returned after

many miles I did roam,

to these mountains

that I called “Home”.


There is music

on the prairie,

a two piece band;

land and sky.

There are songs

for the seas

sung by the waves,

with their voices high.

There are songs

in the cities,

though many of those

make me cry.

So, I’ve returned

to my home

in the mountains,

to hear their song

until I die.



HG – 2020

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