A Prayer for Mercy


Emotions always fall away.

Dried flower petals on the table.

I am born to be swept away,

by a new tide,

on a new day.


Oh, Lord;

just let me sleep.

Don’t hang me on

another carnival attraction.

I’ve been gone

a thousand times,

and I

have always come back home.


I have craved

every stage,

every place,

and every distraction.

Wanted every lover

for my own.

Left them all

in the past.

Here comes another breaking wave.

I thought that I had grown immune.


Oh, God;

don’t let it end this way.

I don’t want to be

cold and far away.

I have loved,

and I have been loved.

I’ve known pleasure.

I’ve known pain.


I’ve come so far,

and gone back some.

Won it all,

and lost again.

Now I’m drowning

in indecision,

lost emotions,


I can take

losing it all,

but not one of these.


I guess,

this is a prayer for mercy,

that I’m not sure that I deserve.

So, if these words

survive until tomorrow,

I pray they will be heard.



HG – 2020

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