To Fail a Dream


I found it so easy

to despise,

when my dreams seemed

to fail me.


So much for being


all the time.

Sometimes we’re nothing.


All I had is what I learned

from you.

A faint assist,


a start and a stumble.


I found the knife

better than the fist,

but either marker

brought me trouble.


I have made my way

up from the bottom

of my empty cup.

Stepped on to a path,

that led to a mountain,

and I started up.


From nothing

to everything,

there is no denying;

that the ones

that take the wound,

and never heal,

just lay there



I’m not right,

and I’m not wrong,

but I’m still climbing.

The past

are all the places

I have died,

and in the future,

I’m dying.


There is something

funny about time,

it isn’t what it seems.

We can conquer life,

and fail our dreams.


Ghosts come from the past,

and future selves embrace.

Confusing as it is,

it’s what we face.


We can be


We can be


Every night,

we dream of something.


Under the sky.

Under the ground.

in time

we all are found.

A purpose,

or an end

to wondering.



HG – 2020

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